chili is a frequent meal in my house. it’s one of my favorite foods & i enjoy the process & creative options. it’s endless. i spent years perfecting a white chicken chili & a tomatillo (green chili) chili. i don’t remember ever using hamburger. when i was a vegetarian, i perfected the tvp (textured vegetable protein made of soy turned in to a sort of freeze dried hamburger that absorbs flavors very well). today i”m enjoying braising & using my pressure cooker. why not spend $3 on a 1.5 lb. piece of chuck & stew it? i mean, that’s what hamburger is, right?

1. first i coated it with olive oil, good salt & fresh pepper. cooked in a cast iron skillet till outside was brown. then put it in my pressure cooker with half bottle of cabernet, one box of beef stock, 10 whole garlic cloves, one onion peeled & quartered, 1 cup each of dry black beans & baby red beans & 4 whole canned chipotle chilis. cook for about 3 hours, let sit one hour.

2. i roasted 3 poblanos, seeded & deveined & chopped with one onion & one bulb roasted garlic. i combined a squeeze of paste from a tube, a large can of chopped italian tomatoes in juice, some powdered garlic, cumin, fresh ground cinnamon, & sea salt. set aside. amount of spice depends on you.

3. seed & devein a few dried ancho & pasilla chilis. flatten & roast in cast iron pan a couple minutes each side. soak in boiling water half an hour. grind in food processor. strain.
just like making mole.

when the meat & beans are done, put all 3 parts together & adjust to your tastes. cook together either in the pressure cooker another hour or a regular covered pot. i’m using high end sour cream, fresh chopped cilantro, fresh squeezed lime & a havarti/sharp chedder mix & avocado for the toppings. for brekkie i chose to add a couple of over easy eggs.
too good!