i’m definitely riding a braise/lamb phase with a serious intrigue for my new bff-the pressure cooker. i’ve made shepherds pie before, it was the first time i ever cooked with lamb & at the time i was afraid to eat it. i used nice ground lamb from a good butcher (paulina market) & it filled the house with lamb stench. by the time it sat in the fridge for 2 days i got up the courage to try a spoon of the colonel’s.

to my utter surprise i could not believe how lovely it was! it tasted NOTHING like it smelled!
i crave shepherds pie sometimes. theres a good irish pub around the corner that has it on the menu but made with sirloin. it’s still pretty good.

but lamb is better. much better.

and i thought, how can i improve this? it was already so yummy! why not buy the actual lamb shoulder & braise & slow cook in the pressure cooker till it falls apart? i used this recipe which actually calls for lamb shank, but you get way more meat if you buy shoulder so it ends up costing less. shank is all bone & fat. the lamb is from new zealand. it turned out absolutely delicious!

i did not make the creamed spinach. the potatoes were a surprise. all you do is cube some russets, coat in olive oil, salt & pepper & bake in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes. they you blend with some milk. that’s it! taste SO good & it’s SO simple!

i saved these lovely disposable foil containers that are 2 servings each, put them in the freezer. i can pull one out & bake it uncoverd for half an hour.

this recipe is a definite keeper. especially for winter special occasions.