my favorite thing to do on a saturday morning is grocery shop for ingredients for the weekend meals. there was a woman pushing the avocados, giving free samples. they were a buck a piece & perfect ripeness. i was surprised how many people don’t like avocados or fear them. not me. it’s probably my favorite food on the planet.

easy guacamole
serves 4

handfull of cherry tomatoes
handfull of radishes
3 avocados
sea salt
small bunch of cilantro
1 8 oz. jar of tomatillo salsa
small jicama

chop everything small. mash with potato masher. add salsa, salt to taste & fine chopped cilantro.
peel & julienne the jicama. serve.

i learned about jicama (yam bean, mexican turnip) at frontera. instead of chips at topolobampo, the high end frontera, they serve jicama. i do not like salt or fried food-this means chips-so jicama is the perfect solution. it’s much healthier (high in carbs & fiber, vitamin c & potassium) nice & cooling and tastes sweet. it pairs well with spices. try it instead of chips!