it’s been awhile since i made tamales. it’s another labor intensive process. i seem to gravitate towards cooking things that take the longest. the reason i made these was because i wanted to see how the short ribs & black mole would taste with the masa. i just had a feeling it would work.

tamales are very easy. just soak the corn husks in water for half an hour to soften them. the masa harina is made from corn (maiz)-2 cups mixed with 2/3 cup veg shortening, lard or, in this situation i used the fat that rose to the top of the short ribs which tasted good but did not hold them firmly together enough. 10 oz of stock (beef for the ribs), a dash of salt & some baking powder. all you do is mix it well together, spread it on the softened husks, add the filling, fold & steam them standing up for about an hour.

tamales are fun because you can do anything you want with them. you can add flavor or color to the masa dough-even add raisens or fruit juice to make them dessert tamals. the sky is the limit for the insides.

the shortribs from my previous recipe & black mole were great with this masa. but alas now it’s all gone & tonight i am going to make some more but vegetarian (use crisco instead of animal fat) stuffed with chihuahua cheese, roasted poblanos, nopales & serrano chili. fun 🙂