i used 2 recipes to make this salad. the first is very simple but balanced PERFECTLY-grilled steak with arugula & shaved parmesan-you make a paste from garlic, olive oil & black pepper & coat the steak for a few hours. after grilling, you add large pieces of shaved parmesan & lemon squeeze. i used a second recipe because it had a hot balsamic dressing which i poured over & it wilted the stiff & bitter arugula-sliced steak with arugula-the big winner was the rosemary. the combination of very high grade organic sirloin from whole foods, lemon, parmesan, rosemary, arugula & garlic is just PERFECT. everyone was very impressed with this dish.

because that was enough beef, we decided to cook the carne asada the next day for lunch. but first, here is the rest of day 1 of the easter spread.

we had 4 people total-my best friend who is the sommalier for rick bayless, which is why she brought over adobo marinated prawns & carne asada as well as a hazelnut mousse from the pastry chef. i always like to start out with a cheese/meat platter. this one had one triple cream brie, one bleu stilton, soft black diamond white chedder & one type of sausage.

followed by the grilled shrimp with some fine champagne. of course we have to have the correct wine for each course.

then we did the hazelnut choco mousse dessert which i barely remember because i ate it so fast i don’t even have a memory of it. it’s not smart for me to have sweets in the house.

we ended with a lovely port. i don’t usually like port but jill always knows how to pick the good ones. the wine is always great & i’m lucky to try so many rare kinds.

the next day we decided to grill the carne asadas for lunch in between me teaching yoga classes. these steaks have been on the food network-that show “the best thing i ever ate.” there’s a reason for that. look at them

the colonel is good with the grill

and doris always wins!