one little box of phyllo has a lot of sheets. i was trying to decide between making a baklava or spinach pies. it was clear to me that having a whole baklava in the house might not be a great idea. especially when trying to get rid of my ponch belly. spanakopitais not much better calorie wise. the main ingredient is & always will be when using phyllo-butter. i used to make these & balkava all the time at my cooking job for neiman marcus. so i understand phyllo. it dries out very easily so you have to keep the sheets covered with plastic & top with a wet towel. they can be made ahead of time & just popped into the oven & baked for 20 minutes. the filling is anything you want, but to this recipe i added a finely diced onion, some garlic & plenty of feta. the spice that makes this dish special is nutmeg.