we had great sunny weather this weekend so i bought some coal & makings for burgers & wings. i ‘ve made this burger before-coffee rubbed cheeseburgers. i really like gouda cheese on a burger. the rub is nice if you enjoy the taste of coffee & you like a good dry rub.

what turned out AMAZING was the jamaican jerk wings. now i don’t know much about this style of cuisine & was frankly surprised at the ingredients-lots of sweet spices like nutmeg, allspice & cinnamon with pickled jalapenos. i guess that’s what jamaican food is. i marinated them for a day & a half. these were the BEST wings i’ve ever made. they were baked in my toaster oven covered half an hour each side for 30 minutes, then uncovered at 425 until crisp-another 20 for each side. that’s a long time, i know, but i let the chicken stew in all the marinade so the flavor would penetrate & the meat would fall of the bone. these do NOT need any sauce.

go & make you some chicken wings right now!