i was watching the food network while exercising & giada delaurentis was making a very simple edamame & fish dish that was cooked in foil. she used salt, pepper, olive oil & white wine tossed with the edamame with some kind of white fish on top. i decided i like edamame a lot & do not think of using it much. so i decided to take this simple idea & do something a little more asian with it.

first i steamed some black rice. which can be a total pain because it makes a huge mess.

the spout spits dark red steam that covers everything around it. in a pan i sauteed half a red onion with 4 cloves of minced garlic in olive oil. after the rice finished cooking, i added it to the pan with a splash of sesame oil, soy sauce & black rice vinegar.

in a bowl i combined the edamame, splash of soy sauce, black sesame oil & black rice vinegar. then i put the fish down in the foil first-any fish will do. this is cod fillet.

i poured the edamame mixture over the fish, made a foil tent & sealed all the edges. i baked it at 350 degrees for half an hour. i plated the black rice & topped with the fish & then the edamame & juices, which soaked into the delicious rice. sat & killed the whole thing. SO light & tasty i was kind of amazed. i really need to start cooking more fish. it’s so good for you, tasty & cooks up so fast.

then we had a sweet tooth so i made old fashioned peanut butter cookes except i doubled the peanutbutter, eggs, vanilla & butter. these were SO good we could not stop eating them. thank god i only made a half order.

another saturday night. another food festival at the house of hill.