i entered myself in a chili cookoff that is happening today. i gathered the goods & cooked the master batch for hours last night, including chicken stock for a future dish.

i really believed that i had a chance at winning this because i’ve been lovingly perfecting my “roasted poblano white chicken chili,” for many years.

this batch conqured all those that came before.

i decided to keep this batch & share it with friends & loved ones. it’s too good to give to strangers. the chili cookoff got increasingly frustrating as time went on.

the rules kept changing. they were allowing the competitors to vote, even if they are vegetarian AND have a food allergy. one competitor wanted us to write our recipes down so she can “take extra tylenol for the migrane corn will surely give me.”

my recipe has corn in it.

you see where this was going?
i decided to share this recipe with you! yesterday i figured out the perfect base. i thought it was bacon last time i made this. and i was almost right. not regular bacon.

is betta.


1 head of garlic
4 poblano peppers
2 T. bacon grease
olive oil
4 ounces pancetta
2 fresh red chili
1 LARGE onion
2 T. each of the following spices
-garlic powder
-white pepper
-chili powder
-chipotle powder
24 ounce jar of vodka sauce (i like newmans)
14 ounce diced tomatoes
6 ounce tomato paste
15 ounce can great northern beans
15 ounce can baby red beans
3 1/2 cups emeril’s box chicken stock
1 broasted chicken cooled & pulled apart. put skin & bones into soup pot
the best sour cream you can find-16 ounces
hwc (heavy whipping cream)
1 cup frozen or fresh corn
smoked or regular gouda, or sharp white chedder if you like a topping of cheese
2 big bunches of cilantro
the juice of 2 limes

PUT ALL TRIMMINGS INTO STOCK POT & ADD 10 CUPS OF WATER. i added a lemon, potato, carrot, fresh poultry herbs, celery & fresh parsley to the rest. this will make a great broasted chicken stock you can use for a soup.

roast whole head of garlic in foil for an hour at 350. let it cool by seperating the cloves.
slice 4 poblano peppers & 2 red peppers, clean out ribs & seeds-remember to put all trimmings into another pot for the stock. brush with olive oil.
roast in broiler till skin turns brown, 5 minutes or so. cool, peel off skins discard into stock pot, dice chili & set aside. the skin puffs up & looks like this

brown 4 ounces of thin sliced pancetta bacon chopped small. (i have a special wood block for meat seperate from the produce board)
cut one large yellow onion thin & carmelize with the pancetta & bacon grease. remove the crisp bacon & set aside for later. add the diced chilis & all the spices. cook 10 minutes.

squeeze the roasted garlic, vodka sauce (pink pasta sauce), diced tomatoes, tomato paste & chicken stock into the mixture.
drain & rinse the beans. add with the chicken.
cover & cook low. if i owned a crock pot, i think this is where i would use it to gently slow cook it overnight because this flavor really comes alive. all the different chili create that most PERFECT ear burn. it’s a GREAT head buzz & super flavorful.

after the long cook for the last 15 minutes add 1 cup sour cream & the hwc (heavy whipping cream), the corn & fine chopped cilantro. powder up the crisp pancetta & add to mixture. squeeze in the lime juice.

serve topped with shreaded smoked gouda & a dollop of sour cream. the gouda is a new idea. as soon as it hits the hot chili, it just surrenders itself. it melts right in there.
and really kicks this dish FAR over the edge.

if you end up making this, PLEASE let me know. and if something in the recipe is not clear.