it’s a simple recipe yet the very best way to prepare brussels sprouts. take a pound or 2 of brussels, slice thin in food processor, cook in heavy skillet with european butter (my butter of choice lately is lurpak but plugra & kerrygold are also very nice) and good sea salt. cook until browned. this mixture would be great stuffed into a gyoza. that’s in my future. the colonel & i were discussing brussels & both agree-it’s our favorite vegetable & it grows through the winter here! so i guess we don’t have a lot to complain about. we might not have peaches, berries & pineapple year round, but we do have potatoes, greens, cabbages & the royal brussels sprouts šŸ™‚

for dessert i dug out a mini loaf of choco-banana bread sitting in the back of my 6 inch by 12 inch freezer, sliced & topped with lurpak butter, put it in my toaster oven. omg.

i’ve decided to share different gadgets & kitchen stuff at the end of each post on this blog. today i present to you my new wooden toothpick holder. i bought it in georgia at the tomato house. this is handy for me because i’ve developed the habit of collecting toothpicks wherever i go & if you keep them in your pocket, they poke through & poke your hands & they aren’t very sanitary. i do this because i spent a lot of months in india & it’s dirty there. they also have the most ornate & strongest toothpicks. i use them to clean out my nails. and i can not stop this habit. don’t judge me.