i’m noticing a trend in some of my cooking. when the cold comes, i want potatoes. i want potatoes with bleu cheese. i want potatoes with bleu cheese & bacon. no, not bacon, because that’s too obvious. how about prosciutto bacon? i had that on a sammie a few weeks ago & thought to myself, “why not?”
so i made potato soup with bleu cheese & prosciutto. usually the bleu cheese soups use the cheese as a topping. this one has you blend it into the soup. and the results are amazing. the delicious blanket of textures topped with the oh-so-very crispy bits of prosciutto is a wonder. if you substitute this for regular bacon, no additional salt is needed. in fact this entire soup has no spices of any kind in it.

when i was in the south for the holiday, i went to an antique mall. they had lots of nice pyrex, but not such nice prices. i did, however, get this glazed cast iron skillet from the 50s for about $20. i think it was a really nice find. i’ve priced this kind of kitchen ware & it is very expensive. my vintage useable cookware is starting to grow!