lasagne bolognese with spinach was my chosen first new years day dinner. it will be prepared on all future special occasions. and it was made in my toaster oven! i did a half order & i had a friend over in addition to the colonel. we ate 3 more servings today. so that’s 6 big, greasy, delicious servings! i have never tasted or prepared a better lasagna. this is italian traditional because there’s just a little tomato paste. the bolognese sauce is actually made with white (yes! white!) wine & milk! the base of it is pancetta, a tiny amount of paste, ground beef & onions. the only spice is thyme. of course i was skeptical, because the lasagna i’ve always known was heavy on the mozzerella (this has none), heavy on the sauce (this has none), RED wine, NO milk & sausage-NOT hamburger!

i doubted the lasagna.

epicurious lets you review their recipes. i gave this one 4 forks. the highest rating.

holy smokes this is absolutely perfect! you don’t think it will be that good because there’s almost no tomato in it. i read the other reviews & it seems people claim it is dry. i had NO problem at all. in fact, the oil formed a little puddle. it has plenty of olive oil, the pancetta added more oil & then i bought fatty ground beef (74%) so if this was a dry dish, it HAS to be that cooks are cutting back the almost frightening amount of oil. i followed the recipe exactly but left out the carrot & celery. i also made a half order because i don’t have an oven & it would not fit. next time i will add those veggies because it was just meat. they have a purpose. i seriously can not imagine a better lasagna. this will be a new years day recipe for years to come.