i chose 3 fun cookie recipes to bake today for the hosts of the 2 thanksgiving parties i am attending. of course i had to change them up a bit because i had some nice little goodies on hand.

-scharffen berger fine artisan dark chocolate
-candied lemons
-candied oranges
-caramel apple preserves
-dried cranberries

i started early with my usual rugelach recipe. the filling can be anything you want, so i made it out of the caramel apple preserves & dried cranberries, half of them with walnuts. this recipe takes awhile to make because of the dough & the chilling & building process.

then i turned my attention to orange shortbread cookies with chocolate chips. i have never made shortbread before. instead of the chips, i melted the chocolate i had & dipped one candied orange peel in it for each cookie & chilled it to firm the chocolate on top. they look really pretty.

the last one, lemon thins
was a chilled log type. it’s rolled into a tube with parchment & foil a couple hours, sliced thin & baked. i topped these off with candied lemons dipped in chocolate, dusted in powdered sugar & chilled.

i can see a theme here. fruit & chocolate with butter & sugar is good.