i have been making matzo ball soup for years. it’s really fun & very delicious. yesterday’s broasted chicken stock turned out so savory & dark from the herbed chickens i was very excited to make the balls today. it’s pretty simple, but takes patience cause it can take awhile.

i love herbs in the balls, so i went with the miniature leek & chive matzo balls. except i used green onions instead of leeks. one key ingredient is ginger ale. always in the recipe for some reason-i think it acts like sodium bicarbonate. i wondered if baking soda could be used. and i use real european butter instead of margerine because i’m not a kosher jew. well, i’m actually not jewish at all but i worked for 7 years in jewish delis & came to adore the food. i’m damn good at making authentic rugulah as well. it’s been tested on actual jews & they told me they would be proud to serve them to their mothers.

that’s a HUGE compliment.

after you make the matzo batter, it has to sit in the fridge for a few hours. then formed into balls & set for another 30 minutes, boiled for 40 more, & then finally added & cooked into the broth.

i bought this bag of $9 italian egg noodles to put in as well. i was SO proud of the stock i felt it deserved a nice noodle. this comfort food is never over filling. it’s all about the stock. and a good herbed matzo ball never hurt. nor bronze-drawn & slow dried egg pasta from tuscany.

this turned out to be the very finest batch & best matzos i’ve made to date. i guess i’m on a roll