i woke to some drama on saturday that upset me all weekend. i cooked all day to get my mind off of it. i did not think anything turned out because i was not a happy cook. and sad cooks = sad food. first i made the green beans from the previous post. they turned out too spicy & there was too much liquid in the french beans. next time i need to use chinese long beans which are thinner & have less water content.

the next thing i made was shepherd’s pie. i bought a pound of ground lamb from paulina meat market even though i don’t like lamb. i made the mashed potatoes from scratch -yukon gold potatoes peeled & boiled till soft-mash with sour cream, butter & some milk. add salt & pepper. i put them into my new pastry bag so i could squeeze it out like frosting on top of the pie. then i spent about an hour preparing the filling. carrots, onions, peas, gourmet tomato paste in a tube, a little bacon drippings. the lamb was cooking & soon my entire house smelled like lamb. it was SO strong. and it made me feel ill. after it was cooked & waiting for the colonel, i did not even taste it. because i don’t like lamb. but why did i use it? because every single recipe i researched used lamb. it makes sense because it’s called SHEEP-HERDER PIE. i worked up an appetite from the drama & the hours in the kitchen and wouldn’t eat what i cooked. so i boiled some pasta & used my new mario battali cheese grater which was still hard to use & made a mess of my kitchen anyhow. things i was hoping to avoid. picking out a cheese grater was a big decision for me & i have to say i am disappointed with this contraption. so if you’re in the market for a grater, stick with that straight one you see chefs use on tv. this does not destroy my love & respect for mario. he is the only american who deserves to be an iron chef. . the colonel ate half of the batch & loved it. 4 days later he heated the rest & asked me to try it. enough time had passed so i took a spoon & dipped in. and guess what? it was the lovliest shepherd’s pie i have ever tasted!