i couldn’t wait to get up this morning so i could soften the butter for another round of vanilla wafers. this time i doubled the batch, used a butter spray on the pan instead of real butter (butter overkill in the latter if there is such a thing) & rolled them around a wooden spoon to curl them (turning them into piroulines). then i dusted them with sifted powdered sugar when they were hot. i wanted to stuff them like cannoli, but because they were so fragile, i’m sure they would have broken. so i went to another recipe on epicurious caramelized bananas & vanilla cream in phyllo cups. i made the egg custard (a first for me-SO easy 🙂 ) and used up the 4 egg yolks left over from making the cookies, which i used 4 whites. i let it chill for a few hours, put it in a heat resistent bowl, topped with sliced bananas & some sugar & carmelized about 5 minutes on broil. then i put the vanilla wafer in it to scoop. it tastes like hot banana pudding! SO sweet & lovely! highly recommended!