78741086_b80772aee8 these are my triplet cats as kittens. the photo was taken by my friend deb gallo who gave me these sisters. i was in india when they arrived so i named them bhabi (sister in law), prem (love) and gopi, the kitty on the bottom of the stack. gopi is a milkmaid. her name, of course, turned into food. gobi masala. which is cauliflower. gobi masala lives outside & never domesticated like her sisters. she has survived 4 years of harsh chicago winters. it’s amazing, really.

this gobi masala recipe comes from indian relish dot com. it’s another great authentic indian recipe site. i doubled the spices, chili & garlic. and served it on a mix of brown & white basmati rice. it’s a pretty spicy dish, not so much if made as written. this rocks serious ass. DSC06714