DSC06701the colonel loves these so i made them today

southern style long-cook greens

3 smoked neckbones, hamhocks or smoked turkey wings
1 medium yellow onion
5 cloves garlic
vegetable oil
1 large bunch collard greens or any other kind (kale, mustard) or combine for variety
6 cups vegetable stock (can use chicken stock)
red pepper flakes
garlic powder
cajun seasoning

thin slice the onion & fry in oil for 10 minutes. large chop the garlic & add. wash & slice the greens, cover pot & simmer 10 minutes with seasonings. add neckbones & stock. cook covered over low heat 6 hours.

very easy, very cheap. the neckbones cost $1.50, the collards the same. this is tasty & healthy peasant food.
i suppose you could make these vegetarian, but something about smoked wings, ham hocks or neckbones really gives it the proper flavor.