"here come the goodies!"
for some reason yogurt smoothies make my belly dance. i’m not really sure if it’s psychological or those happy bacteria. i try to have one for lunch most days. they can get expensive, so i try to make them myself. this is fresh oj, glass bottled drinkable yogurt & a pint of fresh raspberries (i’m unsure why we have raspberries in late october)DSC06675

i made the blue cheese sammies again laid a broiled thin chuck steak between the cheese & the onions. it turned out to be a rich mess. i prefer it without the meat. i was just wondering, because carmelized onions, blue cheese & red meat are usually a nice combo. the colonel loved it anyhow, but he is more hardcore. when i make this again, i might try thin sliced deli roast beef. but i really would rather spend the money on a fine blue cheese. i want to return to the place that had 12 to try & buy-pastoral.DSC06679

is blue cheese fast becoming the fry’s new bandwagon?

today i’m using my covadonga blue from asturia, spain. it has lots of dark blue cheese marbling. and a pretty strong taste. it creams up if you leave it out for an hour or so. i have made blue cheese vinaigrette countless times. the only thing i change is the kind & amount of blue cheese. i use less than the recipe calls for which is why i like a little stronger & lingering flavor. it’s expensive-$19/lb. i use 5 oz and double the recipe, much less than called for. but everyone’s different, there’s lots of room for exploration. do not skip the fresh basil. it’s a big part of the flavor balance.

this is my favorite home made salad dressing. it’s nice drizzled over potatoes, asparagus-the cheese melts into the food šŸ™‚
on slightly wilted spinach, or over thin sliced avocados or/& tomatoes.


it’s endless.