because i visited a lovely little wine & cheese shop in the loop today-pastoral artisan i decided to make something different. originally i wanted to make my standard blue cheese vinaigrette which is EXCELLENT, but after some epicurious research, i decided to make toasted blue cheese & carmelized onion sandwiches which have an onion/cranberry/walnut compote with slices of the luxurious blue. crusty artisan bread is toasted with a generous layer of plugra european butter.

i toasted a handful of chopped walnuts & kneaded it into luxurious billy blue cheese from wisconsin. soft & mild. i sliced a french asiago loaf 1/2 inch and spread it on & topped with the carmelized onion mixture. close with another slice & spread with softened plugra butter. place in warm pan butter side down, butter the top, & cook covered 5 minutes, flip, 5 minutes more, sit for 5 minutes, slice in half & serve with large white bean salad.

this is OUTSTANDING btw. wow. something about the combination of walnuts, carmelized onions, dried cranberries & very fine blue cheese with artisan bread & euro butter. my god.