DSC06651 i am very inspired by marco pierre white. i watched season 4 of hell’s kitchen which he hosted. i love the challenges he gives. one was to create something from your childhood & add a twist to it. he often asks cooks to go within to look for inspiration. a different approach than most food challenges.

which is why i made deviled eggs for the first time in my life. my mother made the standard paprika laden miracle whip eggs. very nice & addicting. today i boiled up 7 eggs & went for it. and i put the japanese twist on it adding wasabi & topping with a fine dusting of the japanese horseradish. next time i will use wasabi paste.

wasabi deviled eggs

6 cage-free organic eggs
wasabi to taste
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup mayonaise
good salt to taste
1/4 small chopped red onion

let eggs reach room temp. add to boiling water & cook for 10 minutes. rinse well with cold water & let sit. gently fry the onions & set aside to cool.
cut eggs in half with sharp wet knife. remove yolks (should pop right out) & combine with remaning ingredients. i pulsed it low in a blender, which resulted in very soft filling. next time i will go for a stiffer filling-mash & pipe through a frosting bag.