DSC06640 i treated myself to this lovely little blue stock pot from target this morning. perfect for the day’s cooking marathon. it was only $20. i’ve had my eye on a yellow vintage stock pot but they want $27 bucks & it has chips. this one looks vintage & is brand spanking new.

i pressure cooked my beans for kala chana again. it’s so cheap, healthy & delish. i don’t intend to eat it until tomorrow, after it sets. so i’m making a little italian lunch instead. i treated myself to wholefoods & picked up a couple of already seasoned italian chicken breasts. with it, i decided to make a cabbage dish to use up the napa i had going south & taking up far too much space in my dorm fridge. i sauteed a sliced shallot, 4 thin sliced garlic cloves & a handful sliced white mushrooms in some evoo. thin chopped the napa & set with salt on top in a bowl for 15 minutes. when i make gyoza, they tell me to do this. i think it pulls out the moisture. tossed this into the mushroom mix & add a spoon of oregano, some fresh black pepper, & rosemarry. garnish with balsamic (capers are popular in a dish similar to this, i figured i could get the sour thing this way).
DSC06638 a light nice lunch. the chana will be intended for tomorrow, & i have an idea for dinner after i return from teaching. mondays are good for cooking & power shopping at target.