DSC06628 i decided to put my baingan bharta or roasted indian eggplant dip into a new chapati recipe & turn it into a kind of punjabi pierogi. after following this recipe with 3 times all of the dry & wet spices (trust me-more IS better) i made a new kind of chapati. 3 cups wheat flour not sifted with a couple spoons oil & some salt kneaded first, add some warm water till it feels right. knead 15 minutes, let set under a moist towel for a half hour, and press into chapatis a credit card size. slice in half, wet straight edge, stuff like a samosa, fry in small amount of oil about 10 minutes each side. brush with clarified butter. eat with no sauce. the inside is very flavorful there is no need for sauce. this chapati is flaky. something lacking in my previous samosa recipes. this is really wonderful.