DSC06606 today was another cold rainy day & i was on foot for meal planning. i stopped at one of 2 mexican groceries on my way home from class. i was limited by what they have. and i wasn’t in the mood for mexican. i was in the mood for baked potato. soup. so i gathered some yukon golds, mexican crema, knor chicken cubes, bacon & went home to combine them with what i had. it turned out awesome. here is the recipe.


1/4 lb bacon
4 medium yukon gold potatoes
1 small red onion
1 small yellow onion
1 large shallot
4 T. butter
2 T. chicken flavored knor powder
6 cups water
1 bulb garlic
good salt
fresh ground pepper

cut the potatoes in half lengthwise, brush with olive oil & bake each side 20 minutes at 375. wrap the bulb of garlic in foil & roast for the entire 40 minutes.

cut the bacon into little squares. fry in a soup pot until crisp. drain most of the oil & put the bacon aside.
thin slice all of the onions & fry in some of the bacon oil until carmelized.
dissolve the knor in the water. when the potatoes are done roasting, cube & add with the knor water. smash the roast garlic & add. put some salt & pepper to taste & the butter. cook 20 minutes until potatoes fall apart.

transfer to a blender & puree. place back in the pot with the sour cream or crema. cook 10 minutes low/high heat. serve topped with the crisp bacon squares.

this is really good on a cold rainy day.