i thought it would rain today so i took the train to my job. this meant i would have to deal with the ingrediants i had on hand. i had made chicken stock a few days ago & really wanted to use it up even though i was not sure if that was too long to wait to make the stock. i have no freezer. usually that’s where i would put stock right away so i don’t waste it. it’s like liquid gold.

spinach stracciatella soup is one of my favorite soups. i’m glad i had it tucked into my epicurious recipe box. i looked at the ingrediants

chicken stock

all of which i had on hand. yay. but i wasn’t sure if i had enough cheese, so i went to provenance food & wine which is on my way home from the train. i picked up a baguette, some tricolor potato gnoccni & scarpetta tuscan vodka pasta sauce.


this is an excellent simple italian soup that is both nutritious & light yet filling. delightful. the eggs are whisked & cooked into the soup like egg drop soup. the only pain in the ass part is the fine hand grate of the hard cheese. it’s a workout.


***vintage pyrex***

i recently began collecting vintage pyrex mixing bowls. i would like to share some of them with you. thanks to shangrila vintage for making this happen. what makes a cook happy are the tools. with a little fashion thrown in. these are the best bowls for your kitchen needs. and nothing beats the incredible designs. they kind of make me swoon whey i look at them.