listening to MIA who i LOVE.
this has nothing to do with my post haircut wednesday nite kitchen date. well actually it does. because in the words of siva, a great indian cook in kerala with whom i’ve taken a cooking lesson with,


“you must dance, sing. then your food will be yum yum yum!!!” and i was delighted by this, and thought about it and realized that he was absolutely right. happy cooks=deliciousness. i know because i’ve been angry in the kitchen & my food sucked. it’s the same as a gardener. the plants reflect how you feel about yourself.

i am in the middle of my italian extravaganza. an insanly secretive meatball recipe from one of the actors on “the sopranos”.

rao’s meatballs

meatballs are ultimate drama queens.

they require just the “right” amount of massage. too much = garbage. too little = rot. and it all needs to be folded in at intervals in the correct order. what the hell is that?

perfect intervals of veal/pork/beef softly massaged in carefully minced garlic.

salt,pepper,eggs,parsley,water IN THAT ORDER

float cheese


add bread crumbs.

massage internally. from the outside in. and don’t over massage.

massage into perfect 6 oz balls.

fry in obnoxious amouts of oil- 2 cups !!!

i have to confess i am meatball shy.
and italian food shy.
cause i know jack.

this is my journey….

just never you mind about the sauce. i followed somewhat a portion of

this sauce, added fresh basil, the naughty meatballs.


i can tell you know where this is going.

and that’s that. bastards fell apart in the sauce, but still equally tasty. looks ummmm…kind of a mess.
but utterly delicious 🙂