today i had to use up some food. i had mini cabbage heads & tiny local eggplants from the farmers market

asparagus, a leek & red onion, cilantro, green chilis, & an open can of coconut milk. i used this recipe as a guide, but changed it to suit my current arsenal of kitchen staples. i was skeptical because i poured in store bought pesto with the thai green curry paste i had made a few weeks ago. and i used a bunch of fresh cilantro i had to use up. i thought that it would be too many flavors & too much oil-coconut milk, vegetable oil & olive oils all together. and a really strange combination of veggies. i steamed the remaining kalijira rice-my favorite-and apart from the slightly disappointing eggplants (too tough-stick with japanese & thai eggplants), it tasted yummy.