i LOVE tomato soup & had lots of heirloom tomatoes to use up. i had a bowl of hot soup yesterday & wanted to make it today with my stash. the recipe i used, mom’s gazpacho had rave reviews on epicurious, but i was skeptical because it has a hardboiled egg & breadcrumbs in it! i went with it anyhow, omitted the beef stock, used 2 lbs+tomatoes, cilantro instead of parsley & added a serrano chili. i also used very little oil & lime instead of lemon. this is probably the best recipe i have ever used. you mash the egg with the garlic & add it with the breadcrumbs to the veggies. this is for texture & thickness. genius. i never heard of mashing a hard boiled egg for texture, but there you have it.

you must enjoy chopping veggies cause it took me an hour to chop all of it. fortunately i find chopping extremely meditative. this will only get better as it sits. even though i made about a gallon, i really don’t think it’s going to last long enough for me to experience the true flavor that would take about 2 days. what an awesome healthy delicious live food πŸ™‚


i made the colonel save me some of the wonderful bottled yogurt from blue marble family farm & blended it with a large mango that was going bad. i have never done that before. omg….i am in HEAVEN !!! a nice thing to have when what i really want to do is dive straight into that soup, but alas..all good things must wait.


if you have tomatoes to use up, make this soup. heck, run out and buy a few pounds before they are no longer available, which will be very very soon 😦