after my class i rode to the gold coast whole foods which is usually more managable than some of the others. i know, i know. i said i would not go here again. unfortunately i can’t help it. i needed some good soap, good candle for my autumn equinox 108 sun salutations workshop on tuesday, good organic wings to marinate in the most awesome yogurt from blue marble in glass with $3 recycle return. i plan to do some “mad men” wings tonite. i’ve learned from the punjabi/pakistani people that yogurt does wonders to chicken. yes indeed. anyhow, instead of going to 4 stores, i went here.

i got home & cleaned up my new vintage plate freshly picked out of the trash (i know, i know….i cleaned it well! ) don’t tell me it isn’t totally rad :-0


i used it to plate the dal fry & the fresh parothas i made. it’s perfect for 2-just dump the dal in the center, surround with chapati or paratha, put extra paratha in a tortilla warmer on the side. that’s it! totally nutrious, beyond delicious, & easy. you can do it. you know you want to.