i made a delightful & most unusual dish yesterday featuring the french green kidney beans. once again i went to epicurious and found a 4 fork recipe harvest wild rice. what i really enjoyed was this very unlikely mix of ingredients

-hazelnuts (i substituted cashews)
-wild rice & black rice
-dried cranberries
-shitake mushrooms

sounds strange? it’s not. it works & it’s a lovely dish similar, according to the colonel, to hoppin’ john. the recipe made a lot & today i want to practice my egg cooking techniques & top this dish with some poached or basted eggs.
it was my first time trying these beans. the texture was very similar to edamame, but the bean itself is much lighter than a soy bean. i would say the closest bean would be the navy bean, but that’s even too heavy. there’s a nice freshness & easy digestability. i’m looking forward to making more dishes with them.

the dish looks dark in color because i used chinese black rice, which tends to turn everything black.