i did not think i was going to cook because i was pretty hungry right after pottery class & decided to stop at a southern place in the hood called feed. they have an interesting brunch & it’s such lovely weather we sat out on the patio. i had smoky pulled pork sweet potato hash & eggs, the colonel had scotch eggs.


weirdest little thing i’ve seen in a long time. it’s an english dish which is basically a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded, deep fried & topped with a gravy or sauce. there’s no way i could describe the flavor-it’s just something you have to try yourself if you can find it. i’ve never heard of this before.

food is unpredictable. that’s what makes it fun πŸ™‚

and bindi is very delighted to learn that in addition to chai & cricket, this dish was brought to india by the british.

i will be picking up the necessary ingredients for nargisi kofta next week. i’m just too fascinated with this. it is said to have moghul influenced spicing. and i know exactly what they mean by that.


of course i could not stay out of the kitchen anyhow so i just decided to make the daal fry recipe i mentioned about a week ago. something i’ve learned about indian cooking is that it tastes better 1-3 days after you cook it, so it’s actually smart for me to cook it on a full stomach so the food has those hours to get a better flavor & texture. many of my daal dishes never make it to tupperware 😦

unfortuantely…. even with our overstuffed bellies…
we still could not keep our choppers off the greatest daal i have made up to this point.

waiting for the cooking daal, the onions with ghee & dry spice are in the big bowl, the small is the traditional green chili/garlic/ginger triad with cumin, coriander & mustard seeds, ghee & lemon juice. it’s all added to the mashed lentil combo. i worried that i pressure cooked soft daal (moong & masoor) along with kala chana (black split chickpea) in the same pot. no worries. about 45 minutes in the pressure cooker (soaked for 36 hours) plenty of water, sit for another 15 minutes, drained & mashed.


holy mother of god. if you make just one daal, make this one. at least until i find something better, which will be hard, however daal is like gumbo. it’s like chili. it’s like meatballs. it’s like chicken soup. millions of people have millions of ways to make it good in it’s own individual way. and that’s a damn good thing πŸ™‚