i almost always make new recipes at least twice. i really can’t understand the dish unless i do this. i did the same chicken as yesterday’s post, but used sriracha instead of louisiana hot sauce. both are good, sriracha is better. and the “glaze” for that chicken would make a most excellent wing sauce. (bbq, hot mustard, sriracha, red wine vinegar) toss wings in with some melted butter. yes, i think so.

i must add that i did spend some $ on naturally raised organic boneless skinless breasts. $15 for 6 at trader joes. and worth EVERY PENNY. before i understood cooking, i would have never bought them. i would not have taken the time to choose my salt (maldon) and butter (kerrigold & plugra) carefully. it really does make a big difference.

instead of potatoes, i bought a new kind of rice i had never seen before. from bangladesh, the bengali rice kalijira or “baby basmati.” this is half the size of basmati & cooks up in 10 minutes. it’s supposed to be good to use for a rice pudding. i just steamed some, and put in some euro butter & it was JUST PERFECT!
the link is from recipes wikia which is like wikipedia for cooking 🙂


i changed the italian broccoli recipe a little bit, adding some american broccoli to the mexican broccoli i already was using (longer skinny soft stalks-i prefer the taste of mexican) and carmelized shallots, added 2 home grown tomatoes & used WAY less parmesean reggiano & changed the shread to powder rather than a larger cut. this is a better way to get the flavor from the wonderful cheese without making it “cheesy,” you know? i enjoy cheese, but almost never want it to be the focus of my food. pizza is low on my list, so are cheese sticks & cheese trays.

so the meal overall was lighter. the simple rice put it over the edge, cause it was a nice grain to soak up the chicken glaze.


i was kind of riding a “grains n pulses” high-i always get excited when i learn about a new food item. and shamelessly purchased 500 grams (a little over a pound) of flageolets verts de france-green kidney beans from france for the bargain basement price of {{{gasp}}} $9. why? because i just wanted to know. what fun things can i find to do with these little green bad boys?
the research is ON 😉