saffron crocus

can you guess the flower & what it makes? here’s some hints.

– it takes approximately 80,000 of them to make a pound of it.
-150 to make one gram.
-merchants caught selling it adulterated in Bavaria in 1444 were burned alive.
-it is native to soutwest asia
-it’s grown in spain, india, the mediterranian & the middle east.
-it’s used in dyes, perfumes and medicines.
-it costs US $600 to $2000 a pound.
-it’s been around since 3000 b.c.
-it is mentioned in the bible
-it is the most frequently counterfeited commodity.

i’m glad i never bought it when i was in india. they really push it over there. many people seem to have it stashed & it seems to appear in the most unlikely of places. even the potty at the mosque.

it’s saffron ! the flower is a crocus.

it often comes in these awesome vintage tins!

saffron tin


i’ve become fascinated with this spice.
i imagine the hard work.
i gasp at it’s beauty.
and now…

i eat it.

itadakimasu 🙂