i went to the spice house yesterday. when i entered the large store in old town, an area that used to be very hippy, my olfactory senses were totally assaulted. the main things people go here for are pre-mixed rubs, chili combos, endless varieties of gourmet salt & peppers. not me, because i already have a stock of maldon salt & enough pepper for the next few months. and i certainly am not going to purchase their garam masala because i’ve entered the world of mixing them myself. the first place i went was the little glass wall cabinet containing {{{gasp}}} SAFFRON.


i chose to purchase one gram of coupe grade spanish saffron
“this coupe grade of saffron is the highest quality of saffron found anywhere in the world. it features only the dark red threads which are hand selected. the threads will turn rice or soup a golden color and it’s flavor can’t be imitated.”-the spice house-

one gram cost $9.79. since i have not ever used this spice before, i’m not sure how much food this will season, but i’m thinking about half a dozen dishes.

i also purchased the following spices

the spice house

dried curry leaves, brown/black cardamom, dried lemongrass, fenugreek leaves & whole seeds plus 2 ounces of dried oyster & chanterelle mushrooms.

i’m in spice heaven.

but what to cook next? i’ve got my nose in my new orleans book, but i am psyched to try using the saffron. spice house recommends chicken biryani .

tomorrow’s post will reveal thursday’s meal.