chicken biryani

i made the biryani. but i used a different recipe cause it had 3 times as many spices-all in which i have. it had to be better, besides, it’s the indian girls from show me the curry.

chicken biryani

chicken biryani

i did not bake it in the end but instead kept it stove top, adding some veggie stock. i also used a broasted chicken i simply pulled apart so i would not have to cook the chicken. this worked just fine & was still moist. i also substituted pistachio nuts for the cashews. and no raisens 😦
i made the cilantro & mint raita and topped each bowl with it. that sends it over the top.

chicken biryani with cilantro mint raita

i guess people are afraid to takle the biryani because it is an art form in many parts of india, especially hyderabad. but i just went for flavor & stayed with the ingredient list pretty seriously. one thing is to be careful of overcooking the rice or drying this out.

this makes a ton & hope it gets eaten up before it goes bad. it’s AWESOME 🙂

*i used 1/4 teaspoon of saffron-not sure if that was important to flavor. i think it’s mostly for color. i’m not sure if the strands should have been chopped during the soaking-if anyone knows about saffron, please comment.*