a favorite dish

i bought a head of cauliflower & can’t wait to get home & make it. the recipe is SIMPLE. i got it out of my favorite restaurant in new orleans, uglesiches from their lovely small hardcover book, “cooking with the uglesiches.” sadly the restaurant disappeared with katrina, but their recipes & food live on.


here’s the recipe

1 head cauliflower

cut flower into small pieces & steam. grease casserole dish with butter. put in flowers & dot with butter. sprinkle cheese over it. bake 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
serves 8.

i make it like this-

chop up the flower pretty small. fry medium-high until golden brown in your desired amount of butter, which will vary depending on the size of flower you are using. shut off flame, top with half a cup or so of grated cheese, cover for a minute, mix, eat.

if you are a lover of mac & cheese, i highly recommend this dish. it’s much lighter, more flavorful & way healthier. this cookbook is awesome & can be purchased through the link above.

i made another batch of dal early this morning & wonder what the construction workers must think of the indian smells wafting from my place before 8am.

dhal butter fry

i recieved a gift card from some friends for the spice house

guess where i’m going after my class?
can you say “saffron” ?