i write this in my head as i drink my lychee smoothie with tapioca pearls from the vietnamese bakery. it’s conveniently located next door to harvest time-one of my favorite local supermarkets. i also bagged 2 banh mi vietnamese sammies to munch on while i prepare today’s meal. i am addicted to these & they cost only $3. the soft french roll is baked in house & unbelievable.

thit nuong

i decided to skip curry today in lieu of making some salady things. lots of little chopping-that’s what i’m interested in today. both recipes come from epicurious. i must also add to the fact that i travel on a bike with a backpack. so that poses some challenges. i MUST stick to my grocery list. pink apples? YES !!!! no. too heavy & take up much room šŸ˜¦

the first one is