“Upeseru is a rural speciality of the South of India, and villages around the state of Karnataka in particular. The main recipe is for a solid dish of lentils and greens, and the water drained off of this is often used in an accompanying wet sauce to be eaten with mudde (ragi balls). The combination of the three is a common complete meal.”

it has fresh tamarind, so i have to go to the indian grocery tomorrow morning for that and a few other things to make this labor day weekend’s curry spread. i plan on making the brussel sprout dish posted in an earlier post as well as this upeseru dish-lentils with spinach.

i of course need proper parota. and i finally found my recipe. one needs maida flour to obtain perfection & lots of oil. who knew? i always thought these bad boys were steamed. they are SO light & fluffy it’s just wrong.

hereis the recipe i will use.

and finally, dal fry because it uses 4 types of dal-moong, toor, channa, & masoor.

that’s 4 dishes. it should keep me busy for at least half of the labor day weekend. i am off tomorrow through monday & all i want to do is cook. the last few days have been spent re-doing my kala chana after the pressure cooker, making chat snacks somewhat sucessfully, & plotting proper indian flours, including some dosa flour for idly & dosas-the next little project. i have made dosas-i learned in india & did them before. but they just don’t taste right. i blame it on american potatoes. however, we will try again. and i want to price an idly steamer so i can make those, too. i love those & they are so light. i’ve also been dreaming about my own mini buffet set-complete with small chafing dishes & burners.


so that every day can be an indian buffet.