i get into something & i just HAVE to ride it until it burns out.  a few weeks ago i began to obsess over the idea of curry & how many cultures have it.  when you think of curry, it goes way beyond india.  i began with the thai curry, it was fun treasure hunting for ingredients.  for some reason i switched gears & began to focus on a cuisine i’ve been afraid of long before visiting the country.  i’m officially obsessed with indian food.  the idea that i can make it and actually like it is something i still can not get over.   i  just think & think & think about it.  i carry around a notepad in my travels & jot down ideas.


bindi masala

tomato chutney



coconut chutney

kerala style chicken fry

malai kofta

veggies jalfreezi



green chutney

fish vindaloo

like a grocery list.  i have to make it all & then some.  and i have to return to paneer because paneer butter masala was on the “list”

here’s some of my japanese obsessive phase

i made over 15 items, which is not a big deal in japanese cuisine.  many things are instant, like kombu, kimchee & umeboshi.  the bao is steamed, but i did do gyoza.  hundreds of them because it takes a LOT of practice.  worth the effort, believe me.  and of course maki rolls.  something else you have to practice a lot.   when i was making this food, i felt similarities to other japanese arts, especially origami.  intricate skills, and lots & lots & lots of patience.  the way the food looks is very important in that culture as well.

i really think it’s possible to experience culture simply by learning to cook  food.