the cheese hanging

here’s the cheese hanging for half an hour.  then it’s pressed for another half hour.


this is after it’s fried.  as you can see, a terri cloth is probably not the way to go.  too much moisture remained & the cheese was unable to stay together.  i trashed it, but learned.  i must buy a thin cotton cloth before i attempt this again.


onwards to today’s dal.  the above combo is in almost every indian dish i’ve made.  it’s garlic/ginger/chili peppers minced.


add to onions with mustard seeds, cumin & a few other spices


chopped tomatoes, mush dal, some curry leaves and the end result is south indian style spicy dal.  quick, nutritious, delicious 🙂

with this, we had roasted mashed eggplant with chapatti again, a better butter chicken & jasmine rice.  i can’t seem to stop this indian cooking.  a large daikon radish awaits me for making stuffed chappati-muli paratha.

maybe tonite, maybe tomorrow.